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Dr Christopher Ness

Dr Christopher Ness

Maudslay-Butler Research Fellow, Pembroke College

Visiting Academic


2012-2016: PhD, Engineering, University of Edinburgh
2011-2012: Consultant Engineer, CD-Adapco, London
2007-2011: BA, MEng, Chemical Engineering, University of Cambridge

Research Interests

I study the flow and deformation properties of soft matter systems such as colloids, granular materials, emulsions and polymers.

Key Publications

  1. Ness, C. and Zaccone, A. (2017) Effect of Hydrodynamic Interactions on the Lifetime of Colloidal Bonds. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. 56: 3726−3732
  2. Lin, N.Y.C., Ness, C., Cates, M.E., Sun, J. and Cohen, I. (2016) Tunable shear thickening in dense suspensions. PNAS. 113(39):10774-10778

  3. Ness, C. and Sun, J. (2016) Two-scale evolution during shear reversal in dense suspensions. Physical Review E. 93(1):012604 

  4. Ness, C. and Sun, J. (2016) Shear thickening regimes of dense non- Brownian suspensions. Soft Matter. 12:914-924 

  5. Lin, N.Y.C., Guy, B.M., Hermes, M, Ness, C., Sun, J, Poon, W.C.K. and Cohen, I. (2015) Hydrodynamic and contact contributions to continuous shear thickening in colloidal suspensions. Physical Review Letters. 115(22):228304
    (highlighted as cover article and Editor’s Suggestion) 

  6. Ness, C. and Sun, J. (2015) Flow regime transitions in dense non-Brownian suspensions. Physical Review E. 91(1):012201

  7. Watson, R.J., Botero, M.L., Ness, C., Morgan, N.M. and Kraft, M. (2013) An improved methodology for determining threshold sooting indices from smoke point lamps. Fuel. 111:120-130 

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