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Dr Adam A Colbourne


I completed my undergraduate degree in chemistry at the University of Manchester in 2010 and immediately moved into a PhD with the group of Gareth Morris and Mathias Nilsson, also at Manchester, on the data processing of diffusion ordered NMR spectroscopy data and pure shift (homonuclear decoupled) NMR spectroscopy. During my PhD I was involved with a collaboration with V. Mandelshtam at UC Irvine and a collaboration with D. Williamson at Oxford Instruments. Upon completion of my PhD I moved down to Cambridge and took up my current post with Dr Andy Sederman and Dr Mick Mantle. The project at Cambridge is in collaboration with ICL, and aims to shed light on the fundamentals of reactive flow in porous rock; the work is relevant to the oil, gas industries as well as carbon capture & storage technologies.


  • diffusion
  • porous media
  • NMR
  • flow
  • Optimization
  • MRI
  • Sparse Sampling
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