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Doctor Fernando Da Cruz Vasconcellos

Doctor Fernando Da Cruz Vasconcellos

Senior Teaching Fellow

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Sensor Technologies and Applications (Sensor CDT)

Chemical Engineering

Materials Science

Optical Devices


Point-of-care Diagnostics

Research Interests

Holographic biosensors

Optical Devices

Responsive and Tunable Photonic Devices

Colourimetric Point-of-care Medical Devices

Other Professional Activities

Undergraduate Teaching - Supervision:

Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

       Homogeneous Reactors CET I - Michaelmas Term 2013

       Heat and Mass Transfer Fundamentals CET I - Lent Term 2014

       Heat and Mass Transfer Operations CET I - Lent Term 2014

Judge Business School, JBS

       Entrepreneurship - ETECH Projects - Lent Term 2014



  • Biosensors
  • holography
  • optics
  • nanoparticles

Key Publications

1. Yetisen, A.K., Montelongo, Y., Vasconcellos, Fernando da Cruz, Martínez-Hurtado, J.L., Neupane, S., Butt, H., Qasim, M., Blyth, J., Burling, K., Carmody, J., Evans, M., Wilkinson, T.D., Kubota, L.T., Monteiro, M.; Lowe, C.R., Reusable, Robust and Accurate Laser-Generated Photonic Nanosensor, Nano Letters, (2014). (in press)

2. Vasconcellos, Fernando da Cruz, Yetisen, A.K., Montelongo, Y., Butt, H., Girgore, A., Davidson, C.A.B., Blyth J., Monteiro, M., Wilkinson, T.D., Lowe, C.R., Printable surface holograms via laser ablation. ACS Photonics, DOI: 10.1021/ph400149m (2014).

3. Tsangarides, C.P., Yetisen, A.K., Vasconcellos, Fernando da Cruz, Montelongo, Y., Qasim, M.M., Wilkinson, T.D., Lowe, C.R., Butt, H., Computational modelling and characterisation of nanoparticle-based tuneable photonic crystal sensors. RSC Advances, 4, pp. 10454-10461, (2014). 

4. Yetisen, A. K., Martinez-Hurtado, J. L., Garcia-Melendrez, A., Vasconcellos, Fernando da Cruz, Lowe, C. R., A Smartphone Algorithm with Inter-phone Repeatability for the Analysis of Colorimetric Tests. Sensors and Actuators B, 196, pp. 156-160, (2014).

5. Yetisen, A.K., Martinez-Hurtado, J.L., Vasconcellos, Fernando da Cruz, Emre Simsekler, M.C., Akram,M.S., Lowe,  C.R.,The Regulation of Mobile Medical Applications. Lab on a Chip, (2014).

6. Yetisen, A.K., Butt, H., Vasconcellos, Fernando da Cruz, Montelongo, Y., Davidson, C.A.B., Blyth, J., Chan, L., Carmody, J.B., Vignolini, S., Steiner, U., Baumberg, J.J., Wilkinson, T.D., Lowe, C.R., Light-Directed Writing of Chemically Tunable Narrow-Band Holographic Sensors. Advanced Optical Materials,Advanced Optical Materials, 2 (3), 250-254, (2014). 

7. Agostini de Moraes, M., Cocenza, D.S., Vasconcellos, Fernando da Cruz, Fraceto, L.F., Beppu, M.M., Chitosan and alginate biopolymer membranes for remediation of contaminated water with herbicides. Journal of Environmental Management, 131, pp. 222-227, (2013).

8. Vasconcellos, Fernando da Cruz, Bataglioli, R.A., Flores, E.B., Beppu, M.M., Thermal treatment effects on biopolymer multilayered thin films. Advanced Materials Research, 409, pp. 181-186, (2011).

9. Godoi, F.C., Balloni, R., Vasconcellos, Fernando da Cruz, Beppu, M.M., Preparation of copper nanoparticles in chitosan membranes and their applications in irreversible humidity indicators. Chemical Engineering Transactions, 24, pp. 217-222, (2011).

10. Vasconcellos, Fernando da Cruz, Goulart, G.A.S., Beppu, M.M., Production and characterization of chitosan microparticles containing papain for controlled release applications. Powder Technology, 205, pp. 65-70, (2011).

11. Vasconcellos, Fernando da Cruz, Swiston, A.J., Beppu, M.M., Cohen, R.E., Rubner, M.F., Bioactive polyeletrolyte multilayers: Hyaluronic acid mediated B Lymphocyte Adhesion. Biomacromolecules, 11, pp. 2407-2414, (2010).

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