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Dr Krishnaa Mahbubani

Dr Krishnaa Mahbubani

Post-doctoral Research Associate

Office Phone: 331894


PhD, MEng, AMIChemE

Research Interests

BioScience Engineering group

Probiotics have garnered fame and public recognition for being ‘friendly’ bacteria. In humans, they may increase nutrient absorption, have a prophylactic effect on digestive ailments and alleviate inflammatory bowel conditions, among other benefits. Live and dried probiotics are included regularly in food products and nutritional supplements; and yet the question of efficient and effective delivery to the intestine has not been thoroughly investigated despite the anti-microbial environment within the digestive tract. In investigating the behaviour of probiotics in this environment, we have focused on the effect of intestinal microbicides such as bile on dried probiotics, and are developing a novel formulation that relies on the principles of chromatography to protect dried bacteria from bile toxicity using Bile Adsorbing Resins.

Collaborators outside this directory

  • Isobel Cook, Kevin Ward, Andrew Cowan - Biopharma Technology Limited
  • Dr A Edwards - University of Reading
  • David Reynolds, Tim Nelson - Microbial Developments Limited
  • Dr Rocky Cranenburgh - Cobra Biologics

Key Publications

KT Mahbubani, AD Edwards, NKH Slater. 'Raising the Bar' The Chemical Engineer, 2010 February; 824, 28-31.

KT Mahbubani, AD Edwards, NKH Slater. 'A Novel Formulation for the Delivery of Oral Probiotics' Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, October 2010; 62:10, S1, 1396-1397.

A.D. Edwards, P. Chatterjee, K.T. Mahbubani, C.M. Reis, N.K.H. Slater, 'Optimal Protection of Stabilised Dry Live Bacteria from Bile Toxicity in Oral Dosage Forms by Bile Acid Adsorbent Resins' August 2010; 65:16, 4844-4854.

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