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Delegate Feedback

We recognise that time spent away from participants' day to day business responsibilities to focus on gaining new expertise is a precious commodity and therefore the quality of taught content and the usefulness of the teaching on the ‘Biopharma’ programme is of paramount importance to us. Together with industry and commercial updates, delegate feedback from each of the four previous editions of this training course informs changes in the format and syllabus. The following comments provided by participants in the 2015 edition illustrate their general impressions of the value of the training to them. 

Was the course useful and relevant to your work?

All delegates answered yes to this question.

  • Mix of theory and case studies is very relevant to my work
  • I will be able to apply the learnings directly to support Market Access and Pricing decisions / approaches for my brands
  • This was overall a great course and truly beneficial to my work
  • The practical nature of this course gives real world applicability. Good job!

Would you recommend the course to a colleague?

All delegates answered yes to this question.

  • Already have suggested the course to comrades. It is a great fundamental overview of the key topics in market access and pricing
  • Relevant for colleagues working across brands and involved in local or regional market access / pricing
  • I learnt a lot from the course but also from the people who took the course at the same time.
  • I appreciated that the lecturers were open to questions even to naïve ones. I really enjoyed the case studies and learnt a lot from doing them in a small group

What did you like about the course?

  • Friendly, informal delivery and engagement from the staff
  • Richness of content
  • Top class organisation from start to finish
  • Preparation and materials were excellent
  • Gave me a general view on what Market Access really is.
  • Real life examples, cases, small group size and diverse background of attendees
  • Interactivity
  • Cambridge setting was phenomenal and world class;  the experience will stay with me
  • Excellent organisation and catering, which was probably the best I have experienced
  • The diversity of the group was fantastic; it made it enjoyable, especially during free times and the evening opportunities

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