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Site News
Ljiljana Fruk appointed to Public Engagement Advisory Group
Carmine D’Agostino: Catalyst Review Movers and Shakers
Stretching Biotech Pharma Entrepreneurship
The Golden Age of Oil and Gas
ERC grant for David Fairen-Jimenez
A new generation of nanocapsules for drug delivery and bioimaging in cancer diagnosis and therapy
Martian chemical engineering
in Proceedings of the Royal Society - Dr Silvana Cardoso
Believing is Seeing
Careers Panel, Nov 2016
First-hand career highlights from some of our graduates
The Ottewill International Travel Scholarship for Qian Sun
IChemE Global Award for Rachel Cooke
Retirement of Dr David Scott
Dance My PhD
CEBWomen: Amberley Stephens: Hardcore Science: From Bacteriology to Lasers and Neuroscience
Profile of Amberley Stephens
Melting of submarine methane hydrates as climate warms, Nature Communications
Dr Silvana Cardoso
Award to develop solar-powered windows
Dr Jacqui Cole
Sensors Day 2016
From neurons to nanomaterials, flying particles to acoustic thermometry...
BP Prizes for undergraduates, October 2016
CEB Congratulates Professor Sir Fraser Stoddart for his Nobel Prize in Chemistry
New Strategic Partnership with US Army Research Laboratory
Dr Alessio Zaccone
Wolfson Fellowship for Carmine D'Agostino
Athena SWAN Bronze Award
First lecture in the new building
PNAS article: Making complex fluids behave themselves
a strategy for tuning the flowability of shear thickening materials
Farewell to Drs Chiara Boschetti, David Scott and Graham Dransfield
First CIRCE research meeting
Awards for Abhishek Deshpande
News from one of our graduates
Oorja - providing power to underelectrified communities in rural India
News from one of our graduates, Clementine Chambon
Theresa Maier wins global Novartis International BioCamp
A CEB student has won the individual competition of this year’s Novartis International Biotechnology Leadership Camp, and was ranked amongst the top three teams of the BioCamp group competition.
Sector challenges
Dr Carmine D'Agostino
Research Project Seminars
M.Phil. in Advanced Chemical Engineering 2015-2016