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Cambridge startup to disrupt assisted living technology market
Allowing older people to live in their own homes for longer
Donation to the Little Princess Trust
A charity providing wigs to children suffering from hair loss as a result of cancer treatment
Andrew Fellowships for Martin Chan and Jacob Brown
First of UK Fluids Network SIG
Chemical Engineering Matters for a Modern World
House of Commons, Dec 2016
Best start-up company founded by an Italian entrepreneur - Salvatore Mascia
Alumni news
Top 10 Innovations
Alumni news
Christina Karapataki named on Forbes 30 under 30 Energy list
The best minds reimagining our energy future
Happy New Year!
We wish everyone a happy, healthy and peaceful new year
Merry Christmas!
OPR&D highlights
Featured paper from Sustainable Reaction Engineering group
Tarsis - spin-out company from Dr David Fairen-Jimenez
To develop and commercialise technology that allows slower and more controlled delivery of drugs using metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)
Athena Swan awards ceremony
CEB officially received our Athena SWAN bronze award
New Special Interest Group: 'Fluid mechanics of cleaning and decontamination'
Parliamentary Briefing on Nuclear Security (Ashok Kumar Fellowship)
Energy Catalyst Award for Research into Gas Separations for Immaterial
Ljiljana Fruk appointed to Public Engagement Advisory Group
Carmine D’Agostino: Catalyst Review Movers and Shakers
Stretching Biotech Pharma Entrepreneurship
The Golden Age of Oil and Gas
ERC grant for David Fairen-Jimenez
A new generation of nanocapsules for drug delivery and bioimaging in cancer diagnosis and therapy
Martian chemical engineering
in Proceedings of the Royal Society - Dr Silvana Cardoso
Believing is Seeing
Careers Panel, Nov 2016
First-hand career highlights from some of our graduates
The Ottewill International Travel Scholarship for Qian Sun
IChemE Global Award for Rachel Cooke
Retirement of Dr David Scott
Dance My PhD
CEBWomen: Amberley Stephens: Hardcore Science: From Bacteriology to Lasers and Neuroscience
Profile of Amberley Stephens
Melting of submarine methane hydrates as climate warms, Nature Communications
Dr Silvana Cardoso