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In September 2006, Manchester hosted the largest optics event in the UK - Photon06, and it was attended by four members of the Laser Analytics group. Clemens Kaminski, Johan Hult, Alan Elder and Rosalynne Watt presented work encompassing a wide variety of research carried out by the group. The conference focused on optics, photonics and quantum electronics along with sessions dedicated to industrial applications, making it an ideal event for sharing of ideas and making contacts.

Five papers were presented focusing on the three main areas in which the Laser Analytics group is active; laser diagnostics for reactive gas flows, sensor development, and development and application of novel microscopy techniques.

Lifetime image of a microchannel

A supercontinuum

Laser Analytics Group

Johan Hult presented a paper on the first ever high speed (kHz) temperature measurements which are spatially resolved through the use of novel blue diode lasers invented by the group. Rosalynne Watt talked about her work on supercontinuum generation applied to the rapid measurement of gas composition for future applications in chemical process and atmospheric sensing. Alan Elder talked on the use of inexpensive light emitting diodes for frequency domain fluorescent lifetime imaging (FLIM) and applications in microchannels. Finally, Clemens Kaminski talked on the study of protein interactions in living cells via fluorescent resonant energy transfer (FRET) and finally invitro and invivo optical studies of bioresponsive polymers.

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