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Environmentally friendly solutions for aquatic biofouling pests

last modified Jan 28, 2014 02:51 PM
Environmentally friendly solutions for aquatic biofouling pests

Zebra mussels

Zebra mussels thrive in fresh water. They arrived in British waters from southern Russia and are now causing serious problems for boat owners and costing water companies millions of pounds to clear from pipes. 

Department spin out company BioBullets has developed an environmentally friendly solution for controlling these aquatic biofouling pests, and this has been featuring in the press and on television news programs recently.

The product takes the active ingredient and encapsulates it in a tasty coating so that the mussel takes in the poison and dies immediately. Anything the mussels don't eat dissolves within hours of going in to the water so there's no pollution.

BioBullets Ltd. was founded in 2003 by Dr Geoff Moggridge from this department and Dr David Aldridge from the Department of Zoology.

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