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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


CEB encourages 'diverse' role models from all backgrounds and walks of life to come forward to share their inspirational stories, achievements and challenges, their unique journey and experiences that have led them to who and where they are today.

Diversity@CEB is a new initiative meant to promote diversity and inclusion within the Department, among academic and support staff, undergraduates and graduate students.

Read more of the  Diversity@CEB Mission Statement

The main aim of this initiative is to help support and develop staff and students first of all by showing them the Department values its diversity. CEB welcomes all kinds of people from a diversity of backgrounds, genders, religions, ethnic minorities and mixed abilities. Although we have all walked different paths, we are all equal, and we all have the right and opportunity to succeed and make a positive difference in our lives and others'.

Therefore we'd like to encourage driven, interesting people with unusual backgrounds, from CEB and beyond,  to encourage and celebrate diversity  with us by sharing their inspiring journey and experiences. Please get in touch with Elena Gonzalez if you wish to take part.

Bi-annual events will be taking place as part of this initiative. These will involve brief presentations followed by a Q&A session and an informal open-forum discussion, inviting attendees to share their own views and challenge preconceived ideas. 

The Diversity@CEB Team initiative is led by academic Champions Professor Sabine Bahn, Dr Laura Torrente, Dr Roisin Owens and Dr Vassili Vassiliadis. 

The launch event took place on 24 October 2017.