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Mission statement and core values

CEB Mission

To be world-leading in research, education and impact in chemical engineering and biotechnology and its application to industry and healthcare.

  1. Research: The highest-quality research in a vibrant, multidisciplinary environment, which shapes and defines the future direction of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, and creatively interfaces with chemistry, biology, physics and medicine to solve challenges facing industry and society.
  2. Education: To educate students so that they can:
    • master the complexities of physical, chemical and biological systems at  all scales
    • develop, design and synthesise safe and sustainable processes and products
    • exploit discoveries
    • work within industry, academia, business, society and government.
  3. Impact: To exploit innovations from research through transfer of our technological advances to industry, or by spinning out companies etc.
  4. People: We value all of our colleagues and their views and opinions will be heard and respected. We are committed to staff development to give fulfilling careers. We are committed to Equality & Diversity and the Athena Swan tenets.

Core Values

Teamwork – CEB is a team effort: everyone has an important part to play

Respect – we treat each other with courtesy and mutual respect

Quality and Excellence – to strive for excellence and quality in all aspects of CEB, from research & teaching through to staff development and recognition

Mission – to commit to being world-leading in research & teaching 

People – to commit to staff development to give fulfilling careers. Zero tolerance of infringements in E&D, harassment, inappropriate actions...

No Blame -  CEB is a democracy: anyone can speak their mind without fear of untoward consequences. People encouraged to take initiatives and take responsibility without fear of failure

Communication – to commit to clear & timely communication, "warts and all"

Safety – we are committed to best practice in safety. To recognise that safety has to be embedded in the culture of CEB: it is not form filling.