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For Postdocs at CEB

Welcome to the postdoc webpage of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (CEB).

The CEB Postdoc Committee exists to represent postdocs in the department and feedback concerns and suggestions to the Head of Department.

Issues considered part of the remit of the CEB Postdoc Committee include:

  • Employment (contract, probation, mentoring, redundancy, maternity/paternity rights etc)
  • Dignity at work and equality
  • Welfare (induction, safety training, access to support services)
  • Training (on-the-job training, availability and suitability of training courses)
  • Career development (review, career advice and mentoring)
  • Staff review and development
  • Representation and communication within the department.

How can CEB PdoC help you?

  • To connect with and learn from other postdocs some of the things you need to know -
  • Get to attend activities and meetings of CEB Postdoc and to know colleagues outside of your lab. See calendar.


Useful information:

Whether you wish to join the department, have just arrived, or are looking for some information, here is a list of weblinks to useful University or external websites:

In recognition of the importance of postdocs, the University established the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPdA) in 2013 to look after the interests of the community. We have a base at 16 Mill Lane (The Postdoc Centre), where you can come for information and advice.

Cambridge University Society for postdoctoral research staff and Junior Research Fellows (JRFs). All Cambridge postdocs are welcome to join, and there is no membership fee.