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Activity Schedule

A detailed list of all the activities taking place in every room on the day will be handed out to attendees at registration: from presentations and talks to lab demos, prototype displays, poster presentations, mementos and memorabilia from our past.

An activity schedule will be handed out on the day listing specific events' timings and locations so that attendees know exactly which activity is happening where and when. There will be information materials available on our course offering, CEB innovation objects, demos and prototypes for you to look at. Whether you are scientifically or artistically-minded, there will be research impact areas to visit and activities to cater for all tastes. You will be able to go in and out of different rooms to suit your own personal interests. You will also be able to find out more about our teaching programmes and research themes and areas of expertise. There will be talks and presentations for you to attend and find out more about our key activities and you will have a chance to speak to our researchers about their projects at poster stations and network with other alumni and industry and academic collaborators throughout the day.