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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


We always love hearing from our chemical engineering and biotechnology graduates and look forward to sharing your stories of success and personal or career achievements. Our department newsletter CEB Focus has the 'Alumni Corner' section dedicated to our alumni. Please send in your latest alumni news to the Editorial Team so we can publicise these as felow graduates love reading these. It could be a personal profile, your memories and reminisces of the past in the dpeartment and/or College, a story or just  highlights of your day at work. 

There are frequent opportunities for CEB alumni to become involved with your department by offering time to one of the many activities we organise. We value your views and your support is incredibly important to us. Your involvement and expertise will have a huge impact on CEB’s progress and make a very positive impact on the lives of our current students. Whether interested in attending an alumni event, giving a talk to department members, giving career advice or sharing highlights of your own personal journey after graduation with our students, please contact us for more information about attending or contributing upcoming events, including virtual. CEB is currently organising virtual contribution to the CAM Alumni Festival 2020 so we hope to see you there!

We are always looking for STEM ambassadors within our pool of graduates. Many of you are fantastic role models to follow.  If you  would  like to contribute to our STEM events to help raise the profile of  chemical engineering and biotechnology amongst young people and underprivileged students do contact Elena Gonzalez about opportunities available to get involved in outreach activities.