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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


Considering your long-term career plans can be helpful in planning your skills development. For instance, you may find it helpful to consider, in broad terms, whether you plan to stay in academia or work in industry as a scientist, or whether you are open to considering other options, including non-research roles.  Alumni mentors can be extremely key to this decision-making progress. Students and young researchers generally look up to those role models now working in industry and academia, who have paved the way for them,  having been through the daunting same experience in the past and the prospect of approaching potential employers.. They have some common ground, comical stories, valuable lessons and anecdotes to share. 

The University’s Careers Service provides careers advice and information to all current University of Cambridge undergraduate and postgraduate students. They also see to the career needs of post-docs, contract research staff and Cambridge alumni. Cambridge alumni are encouraged to register with the Careers Service as soon as they graduate.


Gradlink is database of hundreds of, mostly Cambridge, graduates. Alumni are also welcome to volunteer to become a Careers Service GradLink to help current students with queries related to their own fields of expertise and provide much-needed career guidance. 

In addition to the help provided by the Career Service, CEB would very much like to implement its very own mentorship programme for students and young researchers in the department with a view to help them make valuable contacts, who can act as mentors and help students progress with their studies, reassure them or just answer to any of their queries, however small these may be.

CEB is committed to its students and their career development. And to facilitate this aim the Alumni Relations Team annually puts on a series of events with the help of alumni: whether talks or presentations, career and skills workshops and career panel events to help them prepare for their new exciting life as a Cambridge graduate full of wonderful career opportunities.

On a more professional level we would be interested in  putting together CEB Alumni Advisory Panel made up of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology alumni, willing to make themselves available to advise our current undergrads, grads and research students on career-related matters. If you are a graduate specialised in a relevant field of expertise and would like to become a mentor to one of our undergraduates or young researchers, please register your interest.

Alternatively, you can register centrally with Careers Service.

In addition, The Alumni Advisory Board was established in February 2009 to represent the interests of Cambridge alumni and to advise Development and Alumni Relations on how it can best ensure graduates continue to feel part of Cambridge. The Board is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor. Two Working Groups support the Advisory Board and Development and Alumni Relations (DAR). The Communications Working Group specifically advises DAR on developing and strengthening communication with the alumni community worldwide and the Networks and Volunteers Working Group assists DAR in the development of Alumni Groups around the world.