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% sample references
% "physics"
% Use this file as a template for your own input.
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% Book, authored
\bibitem{monograph} H. Ibach, H. L\"uth, \textit{Solid-State
Physics}, 2nd edn. (Springer, Berlin Heidelberg New York, 1996),

% Chapter in a book in a series without volume titles
\bibitem{contribution} D.M. MacKay, in: \textit{Handbook of Sensory
Physiology}, vol.\,3, ed. by R. Jung, D.M. MacKay (Springer, Berlin
Heidelberg New York, 1973), pp.\,307

% Journal article
\bibitem{journal} S. Preuss, A. Demchuk Jr., M. Stuke, Appl. Phys. A
\textbf{61}, 33 (1995)

% Dissertation, Ph.D. thesis (either text is acceptable)
\bibitem{thesis} J.W. Trent, Dissertation, University of California

% Inclusion of issue number (optional)
\bibitem{r5} D.S. Saunders, Sci. Am. \textbf{234}(2), 114 (1976)

% Journal issue with issue editor
\bibitem{r6} J. Smith (ed.), Rodent genes. Mod. Genomics J.
\textbf{14}(6) (1998)

% Journal issue with no issue editor
\bibitem{r7} Rodent genes, Mod. Genomics J. \textbf{14}(6) (1998)

% Book chapter
\bibitem{r8} D.M. Abrams, in \textit{Conductive Polymers}, ed. by R.S.
Seymour, A. Smith (Springer, Berlin Heidelberg New York, 1973), p.\,307

% Book, edited
\bibitem{r9} R.S. Seymour (ed.), \textit{Conductive Polymers} (Plenum,
New York, 1981)

% Chapter in a bookin a series with volume titles
\bibitem{r10} S.E. Smith, in \textit{Neuromuscular Junction}, ed. by E.
Zaimis. Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology, vol.\,42 (Springer,
Berlin Heidelberg New York, 1976), p.\,593

% Proceedings as a book (in a series an subseries)
\bibitem{r11} D. Zowghi et al., in \textit{PRICAI '96: Topics in
Artificial Intelligence}, ed. by N. Foo, R. Goebel. 4th Pacific Rim
Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Cairns, August 1996. Lecture
Notes in Computer Science. Lecture notes in artificial intelligence,
vol.\,1114 (Springer, Berlin Heidelberg New York, 1996), p.\,157

% Proceedgins with an editor (without a publisher and/or publishing date)
\bibitem{r12} M. Aaron, in \textit{Proceedings of the Genomic
Researchers}, Boston, 1999, ed. by H. Williams

% Proceedings without an editor (without a publisher)
\bibitem{r13} S.-T. Chung, R.L. Morris, in \textit{Abstracts of the 3rd
International Symposium on the Genetics of Industrial Microorganisms},
University of Wisconsin, Madison, 4--9 June 1978

% Paper presented at a conference
\bibitem{r14} S.-T. Chung, R.L. Morris, Isolation and characterization
of plasmid deoxyribonucleic acid from Streptomyces fradiae. Paper
presented at the 3rd international symposium on the genetics of
industrial microorganisms, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 4--9 June

% Patent. Name and date of patent are optional
\bibitem{r15} L.O. Norman, U.S. Patent 4,379,752 (9 Sept 1998)

% Institutional author (book)
\bibitem{r16} International Anatomical Nomenclature Commettee,
\textit{Nomina anatomica} (Excerpta Medica, Amsterdam, 1966)

% Non-English publication cited in an English publication
\bibitem{r17} G.H. Wolf, P.-F. Lehman (eds.), \textit{Atlas der
Anatomie}, vol.\,4/3, 4th edn. (Fischer, Berlin, 1976) [NB: Use the
language of the primary document, not that of the reference for \lq\lq
vol." etc.!]

% Non-Latin alphabetublication. The English translation is optional.
\bibitem{r18} V.Y. Marikhin, L.P. Myasnikova, \textit{Nadmolekulyarnaya
strujtura polimerov} (The supramolecular structure of polymers).
(Khimiya, Leningrad 1977)

% In press
\bibitem{r19} R. Holmes et al., in \textit{Science style manual}, ed. by
T.C. Jones (Sprint, London, in press)

% Internet publications
% Article by DOI (with page numbers)
\bibitem{r20} M.K. Slifka, J.L. Whitton, J. Mol. Med. \textbf{78}, 74
(2000) DOI 10.1007/s00109$^{\sim}$ 0000086

% Article by DOI (before issue publication with page numbers)
\bibitem{r21} M.K. Slifka, J.L. Whitton, J. Mol. Med. (in press) DOI

% Article in electronic journal by DOI (no paginated versin)
\bibitem{r22} M.K. Slifka, J.L. Whitton, J. Mol. Med. (2000) DOI

% Online document
\bibitem{r23} J. Doe, in: \textit{The dictionary of substances and their
effects}. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 1999) Available via DIALOG.
http:/$\!$/ Cited 15 Jan 1999

% Online database
\bibitem{r24} Healthwise Knowledgebase, (US Pharmacopeia, Rockville,
1998) http./$\!$/www. Cited 21 Sept 1998

% Supplementary material/private homepage
\bibitem{r25} J. Doe, Title of supplementary material.
http:/$\!$/ Cited 22 Feb 2000

% University site
\bibitem{r26} J. Doe, Title of reprint.
http:/$\!$/ Cited 25 Dec 1999

% FTP site
\bibitem{r27} J. Doe, Trivial HTTP, RFC2169.
ftp:/$\!$/ Cited 12 Nov 1999

% Organization site
\bibitem{r28} ISSN International Centre, Global ISSN database (ISSN,
1999) http:/$\!$/www. Cited 20 Feb 2000