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spore receptor cartoon

Location and components of spore germinant receptor

spore receptor cartoon 300 pixels

spore image 300 pixels

spore 300px

spore 3

Phase contrast microscopy images of dormant and germinated Bacillus megaterium spores

spore 2

spore 1

Naples large

Naples 600 pixels


Peptidoglycan fragments generated by spore CLEs during germination of B. megaterium spores

muropeptides 3

muropeptides 2


Lactococcus GFP 2

GerVB 300px

GerVB 300 pix

germ spores

GC office

Fusion diagram test

Fusion diagram 600 pix

Cell cycle

B meg YpeB GFP fusion

B meg YpeB GFP fusion 300 pix


anhydroTsAla 300 pix