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ps680e 1mms bigx

The flow birefringence pattern obtained from polydisperse polystyrene at a maximum extension rate of 4s-1

xslot movie

Schematic diagram of the MPR cross-slot geometry


Diagram showing the different components of the optical test module


Diagram apparatus used to obtain stress birefringence patterns


Photograph of the optical apparatus set up on MPR4

mpr4 xslot

Photograph of MPR4 set up for a cross-slot flow experiment

mpr4 optical


mpr anim


Photograph of a pair of optical module inserts


The optical brirefringence pattern obtained from high density polyethylene flowing in the steady state through a contraction-expansion slit at 155°C. The flow direction is from bottom to top at an apparent wall shear rate of 12 s-1. The slit dimensions are: length = 1.5mm, width = 1.4mm depth = 10mm. The slit width contracts from 10mm to 1.4mm. Picture courtesy of Lino Scelsi.