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Bingyu Cui

PhD student

Key Publications

  1. B. Cui, G. Ruocco and A. Zaccone.
    Theory of elastic constants of athermal amorphous solids with internal stresses.
    Granular Matter (special issue in memoriam Bob Behringer), accepted, in press.
  2. B. Cui and O. Sugino.
    Lattice Mismatch Pattern and the Dirac Point of a Monolayer Borophene.
    Vacuum and Surface Science, 61, 11 (2018).

  3. B. Cui, Z. Evenson, B. Fan, M. Li, W.-H. Wang, A. Zaccone.
    Possible origin of beta relaxation in amorphous metal alloys from atomic-mass differences of the constituents.
    Physical Review B, 98, 144201 (2018).
  4. B. Cui and A. Zaccone.
    Generalized Langevin Equation and fluctuation-dissipation theorem for particle-bath systems in external oscillating fields.
    Physical Review E 97, 060102(R) (2018).
  5. B. Cui, J. Gebbia, J.-L. Tamarit, A. Zaccone. 
    Disentangling alpha and beta relaxation in orientationally disordered crystals with theory and experiments.
    Physical Review E 97, 053001 (2018).
  6. B. Cui, J. Yang, J. Qiao, M. Jiang, L. Dai, Y.-J. Wang, A. Zaccone.
    Atomic theory of viscoelastic response and memory effects in metallic glasses.
    Physical Review B 96, 094203 (2017).
  7. B. Cui, R. Milkus, and A. Zaccone.
    Direct link between boson-peak modes and dielectric alpha-relaxation in glasses.
    Physical Review E 95, 022603 (2017).
  8. B. Cui, R. Milkus, A. Zaccone.
    The relation between stretched-exponential relaxation and the vibrational density of states in glassy disordered systems.
    Physics Letters A 381, 446 (2017).
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