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Bingyu Cui

PhD student

Key Publications

  1. B. Cui and O. Sugino.
    Lattice Mismatch Pattern and the Dirac Point of a Monolayer Borophene.
    Vacuum and Surface Science, 61, 11 (2018).

  2. B. Cui, Z. Evenson, B. Fan, M. Li, W.-H. Wang, A. Zaccone.
    Possible origin of beta relaxation in amorphous metal alloys from atomic-mass differences of the constituents.
    Physical Review B, 98, 144201 (2018).
  3. B. Cui and A. Zaccone.
    Generalized Langevin Equation and fluctuation-dissipation theorem for particle-bath systems in external oscillating fields.
    Physical Review E 97, 060102(R) (2018).
  4. B. Cui, J. Gebbia, J.-L. Tamarit, A. Zaccone. 
    Disentangling alpha and beta relaxation in orientationally disordered crystals with theory and experiments.
    Physical Review E 97, 053001 (2018).
  5. B. Cui, J. Yang, J. Qiao, M. Jiang, L. Dai, Y.-J. Wang, A. Zaccone.
    Atomic theory of viscoelastic response and memory effects in metallic glasses.
    Physical Review B 96, 094203 (2017).
  6. B. Cui, R. Milkus, and A. Zaccone.
    Direct link between boson-peak modes and dielectric alpha-relaxation in glasses.
    Physical Review E 95, 022603 (2017).
  7. B. Cui, R. Milkus, A. Zaccone.
    The relation between stretched-exponential relaxation and the vibrational density of states in glassy disordered systems.
    Physics Letters A 381, 446 (2017).
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