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Dr Graziella El Khoury

Dr Graziella El Khoury

Research Associate

Office Phone: 767782

Research Interests

Healthcare Biotechnology group


  • downstream processing
  • antibodies
  • affinity chromatography
  • biosensors
  • biopharmaceuticals
  • holography
  • affinity separations
  • purification of recombinant proteins

Key Publications

- Chen Chen, Graziella El Khoury, Peiqing Zhang, Pauline M. Rudd, Christopher R. Lowe. A carbohydrate-binding affinity ligand for the specific enrichment of glycoproteins. J. Chrom. A, 2016; 1444: 8-20.

- Laura A. Rowe, Graziella El Khoury, Christopher R. Lowe. A benzoboroxole-based affinity ligand for glycoprotein purification at physiological pH. J. Mol. Recognit., 2015; doi: 10.1002/jmr.2524.

Graziella El Khoury, Basmah Khogeer, Chen Chen, Kheng Ng, Shaleem I. Jacob, Christopher R. Lowe. Bespoke affinity ligands for the purification of therapeutic proteins. Pharm. Bioprocess., 2015; 3(2): 139-152.

- Ana S. Pina, Ana Margarida G.G. Dias, Fatma Isik Ustok, Graziella El Khoury, Cláudia  S.M. Fernandes, Ricardo J.F. Branco, Christopher R. Lowe, A. Cecilia A. Roque. Mild and cost-effective green fluorescent protein purification employing small synthetic ligands. J. Chrom. A, 2015; 1418: 83-93.

- Chen Chen, Graziella El Khoury, Christopher R. Lowe. Affinity ligands for glycoprotein purification based on the multi-component Ugi reaction. J. Chrom. B, Anal. Technol. Biomed. Sci., 2014; 969:171-180.

- Ana S Pina, Márcia Guilherme, Alice S Pereira, Cláudia S F M Fernandes, Ricardo J F Branco, Graziella El Khoury, Christopher R Lowe, A Cecília A Roque. A Tailor-Made "Tag-Receptor" Affinity Pair for the Purification of Fusion Proteins. ChemBioChem, 2014; 15(10):1423-35.

- Graziella El Khoury, Yian Wang, Di Wang, Shaleem I Jacob, Christopher R Lowe. Design, synthesis and assessment of a de novo affinity adsorbent for the purification of recombinant human erythropoietin. Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 2013; 110(11):3063.

- Graziella El Khoury, Christopher R Lowe. A biomimetic Protein G affinity adsorbent: an Ugi ligand for immunoglobulins and Fab fragments based on the third IgG-binding domain of Protein G. Journal of Molecular Recognition, 2013; 26(4):190-200.

- Catherine Calzada, Evelyne Véricel, Romain Colas, Nicolas Guillot, Graziella El Khoury, Jocelyne Drai, Agnès Sassolas, Noël Peretti, Gabriel Ponsin, Michel Lagarde, Philippe Moulin. Inhibitory effects of in vivo oxidized high-density lipoproteins on platelet aggregation: evidence from patients with abetalipoproteinemia. The FASEB Journal 03/2013; 27(7):2855-61.

- Jianing Qian, Graziella El Khoury, Hamzah Issa, Khaled Al-Qaoud, Penelope Shihab, Christopher R Lowe. A synthetic Protein G adsorbent based on the multi-component Ugi reaction for the purification of mammalian immunoglobulins. Journal of chromatography. B, Analytical technologies in the biomedical and life sciences, 2012; 898:15-23.

- Graziella El Khoury, Laura A Rowe, Christopher R Lowe. Biomimetic affinity ligands for immunoglobulins based on the multicomponent Ugi reaction.. Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) 2012; 800:57-74.

- Laura A. Rowe, Graziella El Khoury, Christopher R. Lowe. Affinity chromatography: Historical and prospective overview. Biopharmaceutical Production Technology, 07/2012: chapter 5: pages 225-282; Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH, Weinheim., ISBN: 9783527330294.

- Graziella El Khoury, Emmanuelle Laurenceau, Yann Chevolot, Eliane Souteyrand, Jean-Pierre Cloarec. A generic surface chemistry for peptide microarrays implementation: application to the detection of anti-H3 antibody. Biosensors & Bioelectronics 12/2010; 26(4):1320-5.

- Graziella El Khoury, Emmanuelle Laurenceau, Yann Chevolot, Yves Mérieux, Agnès Desbos, Nicole Fabien, Dominique Rigal, Eliane Souteyrand, Jean-Pierre Cloarec. Development of miniaturized immunoassay: influence of surface chemistry and comparison with enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and Western blot. Analytical Biochemistry, 2010; 400(1):10-8.

- Radek Mazurczyk, Graziella El Khoury, Vincent Dugas, Benjamin Hannes, Eliane Laurenceau, Michel Cabrera, Stanislas Krawczyk, Eliane Souteyrand, Jean-Pierre Cloarec, Yann Chevolot. Low-cost, fast prototyping method of fabrication of the microreactor devices in soda-lime glass. Sensors and Actuators B Chemical, 2008; 128:552-559.

- Graziella El Khoury, Emmanuelle Laurenceau, Vincent Dugas, Yann Chevolot, Yves Mérieux, Marie-Christine Duclos, Eliane Souteyrand, Dominique Rigal, Jean Wallach, Jean Pierre Cloarec. Acid deprotection of covalently immobilized peptide probes on glass slides for peptide microarrays. Conference proceedings: Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, 2007; 2007:2242-6.

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