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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology



George is a final year PhD student who joined the University in January 2016. Her research includes the quantification of soft-solid layers of food residues in terms of their interactions with substrates and surfactant containing aqueous solutions. She did her MChem at York University (with industrial experience) graduating 2013. She worked as a chemist at Infineum researching novel fuel economy additives for diesel engine oils from 2012-2015. In her free time she enjoys rowing, watching musical theatre and going to the cinema.


Research Topic: Quantification of Soft Solid Layers of Food Residues in Terms of Interaction with Substrates and Aqueous Solutions and their Removal in Terms of Interfacial Phenomena, Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics.

  • [2016-Present] PhD Student in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (Supervisor: Prof. D.I.Wilson, Sponsor: P&G, EPSRC)
  • [2012-2015] Industrial Chemist at Infineum UK 
  • [2009-2013] MChem in Chemistry with a Year in Industry (First Class Honours) from York University 


  1. G.L. Cuckston, Z. Alam, J. Goodwin, G. Ward, D.I. Wilson, Quantifying the effect of solution formulation on the removal of soft solid food deposits from stainless steel substrates, Journal of Food Engineering, Volume 243, 2019, Pages 22-32.

  2. (In Review) J-H. Tsai, G.L. Cuckston, B. Hallmark, D.I. Wilson, Fluid-Dynamic Gauging for Studying the Initial Swelling of Soft Solid Layers, AICHE, 2019. 
  3. G.L. Cuckston, Z. Alam, J. Goodwin, M. Groombridge, E. Watson and D. I. Wilson, Development of novel experimental techniques to elucidate the cleaning of complex food soils, Chemeca Conference Paper 223, 2018. 
  4. M.W.L. Chee, S. Balaji, G.L. Cuckston, J.R. Davidson, D.I. Wilson, Pendant drops shed from a liquid lens formed by liquid draining down the inner wall of a wide vertical tube, Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, Volume 97, 2018, Pages 364-374.
  5. B. Hornby, G.L. Cuckston, R. Caprotti, Pushing the Boundaries of the HFRR: Impact of Increased Test Severity on Wear, SAE Technical Papers, 2013. 


PhD student
 Georgina  Cuckston

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