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Gita Khalili Moghaddam

Research Interests

Healthcare Biotechnology

Computational Modelling
Biomedical Signal/Image Processing


  • Biosensors
  • holography

Key Publications

"Performance optimization of current focusing and virtual electrode strategies in retinal implants"  G. Khalili Moghadam, N. H. Lovell, R. G. H. Wilke, G. J. Suaning,  S. Dokos (2014) Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine

“Quasi-monopolar stimulation: a novel electrode design configuration for performance optimization of a retinal neuroprosthesis” G. Khalili Moghadam, R. G. H. Wilke, S. Dokos, N. H. Lovell and G. J. Suaning (2013) PLoS ONE: 8: e73130-e73130

“Electric crosstalk impairs spatial resolution of active multielectrode arrays in retinal implants” R. G. H. Wilke, G. Khalili Moghadam, G. J. Suaning, N. H. Lovell, and S. Dokos (2011) J Neural Eng. 8: p. 046016.

“Electrode design to optimize ganglion cell activation in a retinal neuroprosthesis: A modeling study”G. Khalili Moghadam, R. G. H. Wilke, S. Dokos, G. J. Suaning, and N. H. Lovell (2011) Proc. of the 5th International IEEE EMBS. p. 542-545.

“Stimulation of the retinal network in bionic vision devices: from multi-electrode arrays to pixelated vision” R. G. H. Wilke, G. Khalili Moghadam, S. Dokos, G. J. Suaning, and N. H. Lovell (2010) Neural Information Processing. p. 140-147.

“Immobilization of Salmonella paratyphi B antibody on to modified piezoelectric quartz crystal” G. Khalili Moghaddam, M. Atyabi, and D. Norouzian (2010) Iranian Genetic Congress.

“Automated identification and interpretation of auditory brainstem evoked potentials" M.D.Abolhasani, A.H.Jafari, Y.Salimpour, G. Khalili Moghaddam, B. Marami (2005) European Medical and Biological Engineering Conference.

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