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Doctor Hassan Rahmoune

Doctor Hassan Rahmoune

Technical Officer

Diabetes, Inflammation/Cardiovascular/CNS diseases, Oncology and Cryopreservation


Dr Hassan Rahmoune (PhD; h-index 33) has 27 years relevant experience in cell biology/biochemistry, biomarkers & translational research in both preclinical and clinical settings. He has worked as a group leader in a pharmaceutical/Biotech (13 years) and senior researcher academic (14 years) environments and developed a solid research background ( with 90 scientific manuscripts) in a number of therapeutic areas such as respiratory, oncology, diabetes, CNS diseases and cryopreservation.

Research Interests

Therapeutic areas

Inflammation, respiratory, CNS and cardiovascular diseases, Oncology, diabetes and cryopreservation.


  • Drug target and biomarkers discovery/validation in preclinical and clinical settings  
  • Cell biology, Carbohydrates (Glycobiology) and proteins chemistry
  • Cryopreservation and biopolymers

Research Supervision

  • Experience in leading research programs in academia and pharmaceutical (GlaxoSmithKline) settings.
  • Experience in supervising undergraduates, PhDs student, and research associates, junior and senior scientists.



Leadership and management development, stewardship, appraisal skills, competency skills, Health & Safety, project management.

Other Professional Activities


Offers consultancy work related to design, running and analysis of preclinical and clinical studies. Particular expertise in the application of molecular biomarkers in various therapeutic areas (Inflammation/Diabetes and CNS diseases), with a focus on:

  • Innovative study design and introducing the scientific rigor and biological knowhow into pre-clinical (Target discovery) and clinical protocols/studies      (Experimental Medicine/Phase I-III clinical protocols)

    • Advising on the use of platform technology, biological assays for      translational biomarkers studies related to drug discovery/clinical      development.
    • Translational strategies leading to patient stratification, efficacy/toxicity and diagnostics/prognostic purposes
    • Follow up biological and clinical insights to maximize impact of the data and the utility of drug targets/biomarkers discovery and validation

Consultancy agreements are managed via Cambridge Enterprise, the university of Cambridge commercial arm.

Fluent speakers in four languages: English, French, Arabic and Spanish



  • affinity chromatography
  • biochemical engineering
  • ageing
  • drug delivery
  • biopharmaceuticals
  • vaccines
  • affinity separations
  • analytical biotechnology
  • pharamaceuticals

Key Publications

Published over 80 scientific manuscripts in respiratory biochemistry and physiology, oncology, diabetes and CNS diseases.

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