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Dr Jacob Brubert

Dr Jacob Brubert

Medical Devices (Cardiovascular).

Office Phone: 330144


I completed my BA/MEng and PhD degrees in Chemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

I am now a postdoctoral research associate in the Structure Materials Group, in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. I am working on percutaneous heart valve therapies, including a removable transcatheter aortic valve implant, and a percutaneous direct mitral annuloplasty. My work has been funded by the British Heart Foundation and Medical Research Council.

During my PhD I worked on the design, manufacture, and testing of a novel polymeric prosthetic heart valve.

300,000 valve replacements take place worldwide each year. Patients and surgeons must choose between bioprosthetic valves, with limited durability, and mechanical valves, which require lifelong anticoagulant medication. Polymeric valves have been proposed as one means of overcoming these limitations. Unfortunately, no polymeric valve is to successfully reach the clinic. 

Inspired by the collagen architecture in the native healthy valve - which contributes to its excellent durability - we have proposed, designed and developed a valve made from a self assembling block copolymer. (Much) more information can be found in my doctoral thesis. Testing is ongoing.



Research Interests

  • Polymeric heart valve prostheses,
  • Biocompatibility of cardiovascular medical devices,
  • Lifetime prediction and testing of polymeric materials and components,
  • Minimally invasive heart valve therapies,
  • Novel polymeric, biological, and metallic materials, and their interactions.


  • microstructure

Key Publications

Please find a list of my publications at ResearchGate.

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