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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology



Paste, Particle and Polymer Processing group

Understanding and developing models to predict the flow patterns generated by impinging liquid jets. The work is driven by the wide use of impinging liquid jets as components of cleaning-in-place (CIP) systems to distribute cleaning solutions and rinsing liquid around the walls of tanks, reactors and other process vessels.


BA, MEng, Chemical Engineering, University of Cambridge, 2017


Key publications: 

Chee, M.W.L. and Wilson, D.I. (2021) Cleaning viscous soil layers off walls by intermittent impinging jets, Journal of Cleaner Production, 283, 124660

Chee, M.W.L., Ahuja, T.V., Bhagat, R.K., Taesopapong, N., Wan, S.A., Wigmore, R.L. and Wilson, D.I. (2019) Impinging jet cleaning of tank walls: Effect of jet length, wall curvature and related phenomena, Food and Bioproducts Processing, 113, 142-153

Chee, M.W.L., Balaji, S., Cuckston, G.L., Davidson, J.R. and Wilson, D.I. (2018) Pendant drops shed from a liquid lens formed by liquid draining down the inner wall of a wide vertical tube, Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 97, 364-374.


Other publications: 

Chee, M.W.L., Yamasaki, N., Ng, Y.H.J., Landel, J. and Wilson, D.I., Cleaning walls by intermittent impinging jets, presented at the 13th International Congress on Engineering and Food (ICEF13), Melbourne, Australia, September 2019.

Chee, M.W.L. and Wilson, D.I., Flow patterns generated by impinging liquid jets on curved walls, presented at the Summer Conference of the UK Fluids Network Special Interest Group on the Fluid Mechanics of Cleaning and Decontamination, Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, UK, August 2018.

Bhagat, R.K., Chee, M.W.L., Ahuja, T.V., Wigmore, R.L., Wan, S.A., Taesopapong, N., Fernandes, R.R. and Wilson, D.I., Effect of jet length and surface curvature on cleaning of tank walls, In: Proc. Fouling and Cleaning in Food Processing 2018, publ. Lund University, pp 333-340, presented at Fouling and Cleaning in Food Processing, Lund, Sweden, April 2018.

Teaching and Supervisions


Melissa currently supervises the following undergraduate courses in Parts I and IIA of the Chemical Engineering Tripos (CET) at CEB:

  • CET I Introductory Dynamics (Easter Term)
  • CET I Stress Analysis and Pressure Vessels (Lent Term)
  • CET IIA Separations (Michaelmas Term)

In previous years, Melissa has supervised the CET IIA Corrosion and Materials, CET IIA Particle Processing and CET IIB Interface Engineering courses. Melissa has also been a demonstrator for the CET I Chemical Engineering Laboratory classes and CET IIA exercise on drafting piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs).


Research supervision: 

PhD supervisor - Prof Ian Wilson

PhD advisor - Dr Sarah Rough

Melissa has co-supervised the following MEng (CET IIB) research projects at CEB:

  • Real time swelling measurements
  • Cleaning toothpaste by impinging liquid jets: studying the characteristics of continuous and disrupted jets 
  • Cleaning walls by obliquely impinging water jets

Melissa has co-supervised the following MPhil in Advanced Chemical Engineering (MPhil ACE) research project at CEB:

  • Cleaning thick soil layers by impinging liquid jets

Other Professional Activities

Affiliations and Membership

Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) – Associate Member; Food and Drink Special Interest Group

UK Fluids Network – SIG10: Fluid Mechanics of Cleaning and Decontamination Special Interest Group

Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) – Member

Cambridge Philosophical Society – Member

PhD student
 Melissa  Chee

Contact Details

Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Cambridge, Philippa Fawcett Drive, UK
01223 (3)30144
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