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Ole Mathis Magens

Ole  Mathis Magens

PhD student

Research Interests

Development of experimental and theoretical methods to investigate fluoropolymer coated heat transfer surfaces for fouling mitigation in milk pasteurisers – from lab- to plant-scale.
The work is driven by the idea to provide a scientific basis for an industry wide roll-out of anti-fouling coatings. This involves liaising an international chemical company with a European dairy-cooperative.

Deliverables from the project include:
(i) the design of analytical and numerical techno-economic models to assess the financial attractiveness of anti-fouling coatings,
(ii) hard- and software design of bespoke bench-scale heat exchanger systems to analyse deposition under conditions simulating industrial operations. A novel microfluidic device makes in-situ material characterisation with confocal laser scanning microscopy possible.
(iii) investigation of the fundamentals involved in how surface chemistry and intermolecular forces affect the structure and composition of materials deposited.

Research Supervision

Dr. Ian Wilson

Other Professional Activities


  • EHEDG Hygienic Study Award 2014, Parma, Italy
  • 'Best Poster Award' at the Heat Exchanger Fouling and Cleaning Conference 2015, Enfield, Ireland
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