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Ole Mathis Magens

Ole  Mathis Magens

PhD student

Office Phone: 330144


Diplom (comp. M.Sc.), Mechanical Engineering, Dresden University of Technology

Research Interests

Fighting fouling and promoting cleaning of heat exchangers with polymers

Ole is developing tools to assist the evaluation of coated heat transfer surfaces by measuring their interactions with fouling layers. Deliverables from his project will include the development of techno-economic models, measurements of characteristic coating properties, the development and application of devices for studying the attachment, detachment and rheological properties of fouling layers as well as the design and operation of bench-scale heat exchangers to analyse the fouling and cleaning behaviour of coatings over several cycles under conditions simulating industrial operations.


Research Supervision

Dr. Ian Wilson

Other Professional Activities

Ole was awarded an

  • EHEDG Hygienic Study Award 2014, Italy
  • 'Best Poster Award' at the Heat Exchanger Fouling and Cleaning Conference 2015, Ireland


  • diffusion
  • downstream processing
  • fouling
  • food
  • ageing
  • flow
  • cleaning
  • heat exchanger
  • pastes
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