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Theresa Maier

Theresa Maier

PhD student


Theresa Maier completed her BSc degree in Bioengineering/Chemical Engineering, and a minor in Medicine at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany) and the National University of Singapore/ Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine (Singapore), as well as an MPhil degree in Physics at the University of Cambridge.

Since October 2015, she is a PhD Candidate at both the Department of Paediatrics and the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, as well as a Scholar of the W.D. Armstrong Trust for the Application of Engineering in Medicine, University of Cambridge, and the German National Merit Foundation, Germany’s largest and most prestigious funding body. Her PhD research focuses on oral infant drug delivery, in particular the design and evaluation of a delivery system capable of administering medicine and nutrients to infants during breastfeeding. Such a system is of particular promise for the treatment of infants in challenging environments, such as on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and in low-resource settings.

Theresa is particularly passionate about novel diagnostics and therapeutics in paediatrics, as well as their application in low-resource environments. In the past, she was fortunate to work for the German Development Service in Rwanda and Uganda, to lead a 3-year project for the Engineers Without Borders in Central Africa, and to pursue medical product development and innovation in the US. In order to reach infants in need globally, Theresa is also working to commercialise her PhD research, and was amongst others privileged to advocate the importance of innovation in paediatrics as the national winner of Prince Andrew’s Pitch@Palace 5.0 competition at St. James’s Palace, Buckingham Palace, and Windsor Castle. For her commitment to improve paediatric healthcare technology, she was named as one of 50 Movers and Shakers in BioBusiness, a national recognition for 50 women in business, finance, advisory and policy, who are changing the face and future of healthcare while inspiring the next generation of Life Science leaders.

Alongside her PhD studies, Theresa Maier is an External Consultant to the Global Health Institute of Merck KGaA Darmstadt in Switzerland, a member of the Merck Innovation Cup Advisory Board in Germany, as well as a Teaching Fellow at the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology and Cambridge's Summer Programmes.

To date, Theresa Maier has obtained over 50 national and international scholarships and awards. She is bilingual in German and English, and has a fair knowledge of French, Spanish, and Chinese.

Research Interests

  • Infant oral drug delivery
  • Medical device development
  • Neonatology


  • pharmaceuticals
  • drug delivery
  • product engineering

Key Publications

Maier, T., Bonner, O.,  Peirce, P., Slater, N.K.H, Beardsall, K. (2017). Drug Delivery During Breastfeeding: a Parent and Nursing Perspective. Submitted for publication.

Brieke, C., Maier, T., Schröter, M., & Cryle, M. J. (2016). Design and synthesis of peptide inhibitor conjugates as probes of the Cytochrome P450s from glycopeptide antibiotic biosynthesis. MedChemComm7(1), 132-140.

Cama, J., Bajaj, H., Pagliara, S., Maier, T., Braun, Y., Winterhalter, M., & Keyser, U. F. (2015). Quantification of fluoroquinolone uptake through the outer membrane channel OmpF of Escherichia coli. Journal of the American Chemical Society137(43), 13836-13843.

Invited Talks 

Maier, T. (2017) on behalf of the Merck Global Health Institute. Gene editing platform for snail control to fight schistosomiasis. International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases Conference - ISNTD Bites 2017, London, UK.

Maier, T., Namigai, E. (2017) on behalf of the Merck Global Health Institute. Controlling schistosomasis transmission with CRISPR gene drives. Merck Innovation Cup 2017, Seeheim, Germany.

Maier, T., Scheuerle, R.L. (2016). JustMilk - Development of a novel Nipple Shield Delivery System. Pitch@Palace 5.0 at St. James's Palace chaired by HRH The Duke of York, London, UK.

Maier, T., Scheuerle, R.L. (2016). JustMilk - Development of a novel Nipple Shield Delivery System. Pitch@Palace Alumni Presentation at Buckingham Palace chaired by HRH The Duke of York, London, UK.

Maier, T., Scheuerle, R.L. (2016). JustMilk - development of a Nipple Shield Delivery System. Building Bridges in Medical Science, Cambridge, UK.

Maier, T., Scheuerle, R.L., Slater, N.K.H. (2015). Infant drug and nutrient delivery system. Industry Meets Emerging Science Conference, Cambridge, UK.

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