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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

careers in chemical engineering and biotechnology

Join our graduate Dr Rachel Cooke for an overview of exciting career paths our graduates can embark on. Find out more about the benefits of studying chemical engineering and biotechnology at Cambridge. Chemical engineers develop raw materials into a range of useful sustainable everyday products and commodities. A career in the field will see you not just working scaling up processes on a plant, but also creating greener sources of energy, developing innovative healthcare solutions, affordable new materials,  or even consulting or working in finance.  

At this event Dr Cooke will share her exciting experience working across different sectors in different countries around the world. She will also help dispel myths about chemical engineering: chemical engineers are in fact problem-solving for the benefit of society and helping shape the world into a healthier and more sustainable place for all. 

Chemical engineers can work in a whole range of different industries: energy, food and drink, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, plastics, toiletries, water treatment. Modern chemical engineering is also concerned with sustainable technology innovation, closely linked to biotechnology, and is helping pioneer valuable new materials and techniques, such as nanotechnology, fuel cells, and biomedical engineering.

Overall, you will be tackling the biggest global challenges in the areas of energy and environment, sustainability, and healthcare… and, what are you waiting for to become the chemical engineers and biotechnologists of the future? The world is your oyster!

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Thursday, 2 June, 2022 - 13:00 to 14:00