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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

STEMtastic virtual fair West Suffolk College

CEB has been offered a presenting slot at the West Suffolk College 'STEMtastic' virtual fair on Saturday 11 July. The STEMtastic fair is aimed at KS2-KS5 and some of our enthusiastic chemical engineering and biotechnology students will be running fun and engaging virtual activities to tell these kids about chemical engineering and biotechnology, how exciting life is as a chemical engineer or a scientist  and the daily battles our 'superheroes' have to fight to tackle the toughest global challenges in energy, sustainability and healthcare!

"The brain: Your body’s master computer" –  Sarah Barron and Chiara Barberio

Learn about the organ that controls everything throughout your body and mind and explore the parts of the brain which control our thoughts, behaviours and actions! Understand more about mental health, get some tips on how to keep your brain happy and healthy and explore why sometimes things can go wrong.

"A healthy gut: Mind your Microbes!" – Anthie Moysidou 

Some "bad" microorganisms can get into the body through food ingestion but not all microorganisms are "bad". In fact, your body is the habitat of trillions of 'good' microorganisms that help you stay healthy. Learn about gut health and how to feed the 'good' microbes in your gut to help them fight pathogens.

"Enzymes: The greenest and cleanest chemists of all” - Dr Ljiljana Fruk 

Learn about the most remarkable chemists capable of making all kinds of molecules without test tubes, harsh chemicals and without any waste. Oh and those chemists do live in our cells and they are called enzymes! We will show them in action, and also tell you what  we can learn from these chemists and how can we make the environment cleaner and chemistry greener by using what they have known for ages.

Do not miss the elephant toothpaste demo!

Join here on 11 July from 12:30 to 13:30 pm to watch CEB contribution to STEMtastic fair live!

Saturday, 11 July, 2020 - 12:30
Event location: