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Figure 3. Male-specific alterations in the levels of inflammatory markers in schizophrenia (SCZ; left) and Asperger syndrome (AS; right). Log 10 transformed mean levels of markers are shown relative to control levels in males and females. Abbreviations: Il-5 = interleukin-15; AAT = alpha-1 antitrypsin; IL-8 = interleukin-8; C3 = complement 3; MDC = macrophage-derived chemokine; ICAM-1 = intercellular adhesion molecule-1; MIP-1-alpha = macrophage inflammatory protein 1 alpha; ENA-78 = epithelial-derived neutrophil-activating peptide 78; CTGF = connective tissue growth factor; IL-12p70 = interleukin-12p70; IL-16 = interleukin-16; TENA = tenascin C; TF = tissue factor; TNF = tumor necrosis factor alpha

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