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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


Our department Research Conference took place from 25-26 June, bringing together researchers from across the department, wider university, external institutions and industry.

With around 200 people attending over the two days and talks from over 40 of our PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and academics, the conference was a real celebration of the great variety of research taking place here in our department. There were also keynote talks from Dr Somenath Bakshi, University Lecturer in Synthetic Biology at the University of Cambridge, who presented his work on engineering living systems, and Dr Friedrich Barth, managing director of the International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre, who spoke about the challenges of building truly sustainable process chains. 

 "This were very intense and exciting two days of science," said Professor Alexei Lapkin, academic coordinator for the conference. "All contributions were of very high quality and the new format, in which we mixed talks by academics, post-docs and PhD students, appears to have worked very well. In order to pull off this event, we asked many people to contribute their time, experience and enthusiasm. It was only possible because everyone the organisers asked for help did help without any hesitation, from catering and facilities teams, to prize judges."

Prizes were awarded for best poster, best PhD talk and best postdoctoral researcher talk. Due to the outstanding quality of the work presented, the judges decided to award two poster prizes and two PhD talk prizes. Congratulations to Luís Rocha and Cloé Legrand for best PhD presentations, Dr Bruno Pinho for best postdoc presentation and David Brossault and Nicholas Katritsis for best posters.

The conference was sponsored by the iChemE and also featured an installation demo from art-science company, Kai Lab.

"The conference started with a vision: a research event that is a highlight of the year, bringing together the whole of CEB’s research community," said Professor Lapkin. "If this year’s conference is seen as a small step to achieving this vision, then I hope future events will become some of the most important dates in the CEB’s calendar".

Thank you to everyone who took part in the conference – we hope you enjoyed the event and can join us again next year. 

Latest news

Alumna Deborah Grubbe President-elect of AIChE

6 December 2019

Alumna and former Winston Churchill Scholar Deborah Grubbe has just been named President-elect 2020 of the American Institute of Chemical Engineering (AIChE) and will become President in 2020.

Open Enzymes: making biotechnology globally accessible

4 December 2019

Through a collaboration with Stanford University, Jenny Molloy and Chiara Gandini have developed a free, open-source and stable collection of enzymes for DNA design that enables scientists in low-resource environments to build biotechnology capability.

October paper of the month: finding the links between reactive molecules involved in soot formation

22 November 2019

Researchers from our Computational Modelling group have discovered a new type of cross-link between molecules involved in forming soot particles that could lead to new ways of cleaning up combustion.