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CEB Focus Department Newsletter

The Newsletter of the University of Cambridge Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Welcome to CEB Focus, the newsletter from the University of Cambridge Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. CEB Focus is a termly publication put together by the CEB Editorial Team, a dedicated group of volunteers led by Elena Gonzalez (Chief Editor) and the help of an external professional designer Tim Parker).

The volunteer Editors are undergraduates Bahumi Motlhanka, Izzy Bentley and PhD students Gemma Siddall and Sina Schack.

CEB Focus newsletter is aimed at current and potential global research and industry partners, our alumni and friends as well as Department faculty and assistant staff members, past and present. The publication is produced internally with the help of an external designer.

The Department newsletter aims to keep our stakeholders updated on our teaching and research activities and breakthroughs as well as student and academic achievements.

Although the issue is available in print and distributed across all department sites, we keep printing to a minimum. However, a paper copy can be posted  upon Every issue is also uploaded on the University of Cambridge alumni website and shared in Facebook and Issuu digital platforms. In addition, it is circulated via email in PDF format to department contacts and ceb-news e-mail list subscribers.  To receive a regular e-copy of CEB Focus subscribe by sending a message to with ‘Subscribe’ as the subject of the message.

CEB Focus offers something of value to for everyone as it has sections featuring interesting content on varied topics to appeal to a wide range of audiences. We very much encourage our members, students, alumni and partners to keep in touch and share their news with us. We’d be delighted to hear from you regarding your time in Cambridge, experience in the Department, your career achievements and/or personal highlights. A personal or career profile for the 'Alumni Corner' section or a corporate announcements for the ‘Industry Business’ section would be much welcome.

Please send your suggestions for content and contributions to CEB Focus Editorial Team on  and feel free to contact Elena Gonzalez , Chief Editor, to discuss possible contributions or opportunities for ad insertion in more detail.

View the latest issue, October 2018

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The editorial team, May 2016
CEB Editorial Team - From left to right: Pawat Silawattakun, Aazraa Pankan, Chief Editor Elena Gonzalez, Geertje van Rees and Dr Parminder Heer

As our department is spread across three different sites, the main purpose behind this publication is to help all our members feel connected together. CEB Focus will inform you about new teaching and research developments, and department achievements, aiming to inspire with feature stories on the accomplishments of our students, academics and alumni.

To subscribe to receive a regular copy of CEB Focus electronically send a message to with 'subscribe' as the subject of the message or fill in the subscribe to CEB Focus newsletter form.

Text contributions for future issues need to be sent to the Editorial Team on

Editorial schedule 2017-2018

Issue  Editorial deadline Distributed
Michaelmas Term 2017 Friday 27 July 2017 Monday 16 October 2017
Lent Term 2018 Friday 7 December 2017 Monday 22 January 2018
Easter Term 2018 Friday 27 April 2018 Friday 1 June 2018


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