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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


Latest news

Dr Hirak Patra to join UCL as Associate Professor

3 April 2020

Hirak Patra, a senior researcher in our Biosystems Engineering group, is to become Associate Professor in Nanomedicine and Regenerative Medicine at UCL.

'Green' production of magnetic silica beads wins Twitter poster prize and is our highlighted paper this month

3 April 2020

David Brossault, PhD student in our Colloidal Dispersions Group presented his recent work developing a green method to produce metal doped...

MOF homing capsule targets central powerhouse of cancer cells

2 April 2020

Researchers from our department have shown how metal-organic frameworks could target drug delivery to mitochondria in cancer cells, knocking out their central powerhouses and inducing rapid cell death, while drastically reducing the required drug dose.