CEB Professor Awarded RSC Lecture

Alex Routh, Professor of Colloid Science at CEB, has been awarded the 2025 Thomas Graham Lecture by the RSC & SCI

a drop of water on a yellow surface

Photo by Thomas Oxford on Unsplash

Photo by Thomas Oxford on Unsplash

We are pleased to announce Royal Society of Chemistry & the Society of Chemical Industry have awarded the prestigious Thomas Graham lecture to CEB's Professor of Colloid Science, Alex Routh.

This lecture is awarded biennially to researchers in the prime of their research careers who have made significant contributions to the field of Colloid science. Previous recipients include academic and industrial researchers.

Professor Routh serves as Principal Investigator of the Colloidal Dispersions Research Group at CEB. The research group examines colloidal dispersions, which are small particles dispersed in a fluid. Examples are milk, paint and blood. There are two major targets for the research at present:

The group are examining patterns formed by drying droplets of blood with the aim of understanding the physiological conditions of the patient and obtaining a medical diagnostic.

Professor Routh and his team are also looking at how engine oils reduce friction between moving metal surfaces. They are using a technique called neutron reflectivity to look through the metal parts of an engine and to examine the friction modifiers which tend to accumulate at the metal surfaces. The aim is to understand how these friction modifiers work to enable optimal designs to be synthesised

Professor Routh said;

"I am delighted to have been awarded the Thomas Graham lecture. I thank the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Society of Chemical Industry and am very grateful to my group members whose hard work have made this award possible"

Professor Alex Routh

Professor Routh will be given an opportunity to lecture to the Society of Chemical Industries and will be presented with a certificate in recognition of his achievements.