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M.Phil. in Advanced Chemical Engineering 2014-2015 Research Seminars

When Aug 24, 2015 09:20 AM to
Aug 25, 2015 03:30 PM
Where LT1, Pembroke Street
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Students from the M.Phil. in Advanced Chemical Engineering 2014-2015 will be presenting their research.

Everyone is welcome to attend at any time.

Monday 24th August

9.20 Frank Yuen
MID-IR sensors

9.40 Hanbing Wang
Electrochemical studies of polyaromatic compounds: A route to novel pH sensors

10.00 Alex Ooi
Next generation chemical sensors

10.20 Alyosha Soenardjo
Modelling proppant transport in fractures

10.40 Thibault Guez
Analysis of the orphan drugs market

11.00 BREAK

11.20 Jonathan Lai
Assessment of heat transfer characteristics of a novel sensing system

11.40 Valentin Ivanov
Modelling of combustion gas flow through a novel moisture sensing system

12.00 Sara Saheb Kashaf
Analyzing the relationship between genotype and phenotype by integrating transcriptomic data in a bacteria multi-omic model

12.20 Simon Feys
A continuous system for cryopreservation and lyopreservation of red blood cells

12.40 Ronald Ng
Formation of silicate scales on heated copper surfaces

13.00 BREAK

14.00 Jade Wong
Analysing solvent transport in porous media using terahertz pulsed imaging

14.20 Seungtaik Hwang
Characterisation of silica-alumina oxide supports using NMR and TPD measurements

14.40 Cloe Legrand
Towards in-line monitoring of biopharmaceutical production quality using NMR

15.00 Edmund Eduah
Multiphase flow measurement using MRI

15.20 Darren Chai
Development of monolithic MOFs for gas adsorption

Tuesday 25th August

9.20 Tian Lan
Datamining chemical knowledge

9.40 Ali Mohammadi
A conceptual separation framework for rapid process optimisation of bio-feedstocks conversion processes

10.00 Diana Vulpe
Mechanistic study of novel hydrotalcite-based catalysts

10.20 Antoine Zenie
Explorative study of selective oxidation of paraffins using heterogeneous catalysts

10.40 Cedric Martin
Exploratory study to assess the technical and social feasibility of a solar ice-cream freezer

11.00 BREAK

11.20 Yingda Liu
Adhesion and removal of fouling layers from anti-fouling coatings

11.40 Hyungsik Shim
Non-stick coatings for heat exchangers operating in aggressive environments

12.00 Uchit Aggarwal
Stability and instability of flows created by impinging liquid jets

12.20 Jashan Bhumkar
Making calcium carbonate shell microcapsules for controlled release of anti-oxidants in engine oil

12.40 Thomas Sengmany
Cosmetic dentistry formulations for tooth whitening: Fifty shades of white

13.00 BREAK

14.00 Angel Montano Lopez
Novel gradient descent methods for unconstrained optimization

14.20 Geoff van Ryneveld
Novel approaches for scheduling maintenance problems in chemical engineering processing

14.40 Clara Lloyd
Floating power plants for the UK

15.00 Lokesh Lohiya
Numerical simulation of square wave voltammetry for an electrochemical H2S sensor