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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


PhD student Kimberly Bowal was awarded a “Carbon Nanomaterials Graduate Student Award” for her oral presentation "Investigating the self-assembly and structure of nanoparticles containing fullerene-like molecules" given at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Annual General Meeting. 

Kimberly, a PhD student in the Computational Modelling Group, is one of the several postdocs and PhDs from CEB who attended the AIChE AGM in Orlando in Florida from 5 to 10 November 2019.  In her work, she uses molecular modelling techniques to better understand combustion-generated nanoparticles.  She is interested in advanced modelling, nanomaterials, and molecular self-assembly.

At this AGM members of the global chemical engineering community, from undergrads in training to young entrepreneurs and the discipline’s top innovators, discussed the future of the chemical engineering profession and the many possibilities it can offer. The event gave an overview of the latest chemical engineering research and innovations, and there were also relevant topical conferences raising matters of interest to today’s chemical engineers: from Applications of Data Science to Molecules and Materials to Chemical Engineers in Medicine and Synthetic and Renewable Fuels, including the role of hydrogen in biofuels, CO2 capture, natural gas, and methanol to fuel applications.

"The AIChE meeting was a great opportunity to meet (so many!) other chemical engineering researchers from around the world. I especially enjoyed seeing how computational molecular science is being applied in both academia and industry, and was honoured to receive a graduate student award for my work on molecular dynamics simulations of carbon nanoparticles," Kimberley commented.

Another PhD student Zhimian added: "Some experts from the same field offered me insightful suggestions concerning how to improve my current work, while some researchers from other fields also commented how to make my work easier to understand. Also, the sunshine in Orlando was quite enjoyable!"

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