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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

CEB researcher Jack Williams has been awarded the Andrew Fellowship from the Institution of Chemical Engineers to support his research into polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells. 

The Fellowship, funded by the Andrew Legacy, provides support for up to two candidates every year to undertake research in the science of formulation of Heterogeneous Catalysts.

Jack will receive a stipend and access to expenses to put towards any travel and subsistence to further his research, including conferences and industry engagement. 

"The Andrew fellowship was established by the IChemE to commemorate the prestigious work of Professor Syd Andrew," explains Jack. "It is intended to aid research in the science of formulation of heterogeneous catalysis. I applied as I believed it would provide me with the capability and opportunity to carry out my research more effectively.

"The fellowship is intended to support my research into mass transfer in Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) electrolyser cells (ECs) and related PEM fuel cells (FCs). PEMECs are vital in the production of green hydrogen, and PEMFCs can use green hydrogen to produce electricity. In particular I aim to use NMR techniques to understand diffusion through the PEMs and the Liquid-Gas Diffusion Layers (LGDLs) inside these cells."

We would like to congratulate Jack on behalf of the CEB community and look forward to seeing the results of his fellowship progress.

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