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No-nonsense Cleanroom

No-nonsense Cleanroom at the Maxwell centre on 24 March 2018

Visitors had a chance to enter our no-nonsense clean room and get hands on with intricate process of advanced material design for sensor construction, test some sensors, have a look at acoustic levitation and sleeping water bears and even make their own graphite circuits. We also had different sensory games designed by Armano-Linta designer duo ( and one specially made for CEB Science Festival contribution. Visitors needed to put on the whole gear and experience what it means to get into the cleanroom, which was lots of fun for everyone.

Acoustic Levitator

Abril game


Cleanroom crew

Drew cleanroom

Drew cleanroom2

IMG 0875

Family game

IMG 0893

IMG 0877

Lf actio

IMG 0951

Lf kid

LF entrance (1)


MockCleanroom overview4

Luca kids

virtual reality kid