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IChemE visit, December 2010

IChemE President Dr Des King and Chief Executive Dr David Brown visited the department on Friday 3 December 2010.

They met with senior academics and then Dr King gave a talk entitled Energy, Carbon, Renewables and the Chemical Engineer. The talk examined the challenges and opportunities that face chemical engineers and scientists in the energy industry and concluded with the conviction that Chemical Engineers can make a difference.

Des King
Sir David Harrison, Dr Des King and Dr David Brown
Sir David Harrison, Dr Des King and Dr David Brown

Dr King completed his doctorate here at Cambridge in 1979 and today saw a few familiar faces amongst his audience. He was introduced by Sir David Harrison, who was his PhD supervisor.

Head of Department, Professor Nigel Slater, thanked Dr King for his talk and chaired a question session. The visitors were then taken on tours of the department.

lab tour
Dr Des King with a member of the Laser Analytics Group

lab tour
Dr David Brown and Dr Des King with Evangelia Andreou from the Biochemical and Environmental Engineering Group

old friends
Dr King also found time to catch up with old friends. Dr Jim Thompson (on the right) was here when Dr King was a student. Barrie Goddard looks on.