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1. Baptiste Salley

Wall-e by  Baptiste Salley

wall e600

This image represents a biofilm on a glass slide under water after having been gauged on two points by fluid dynamic gauging. The biofilm has been peeled away from the substrate by the liquid infused. It associates several aspects of the research in the department both in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. The biofilm is formed by Synechoccocus Bacillaris being currently inverstigated in the Department as an electric supplier. Its growth was sofar monitored by chemical assays. A new fluid dynamic gauging technique was successfully developed during my MPhil project to provide previously inaccessible data on its thickness and strength. It has already given some useful information for this type of cyanobacteria on their development on different substrates. Biofilm study through this technique may be applied in food industry where biofouling is a major issue. This innovative appraoch to the characterization of such layers is therefore of great interest in a vast range of application from energy purposes, as currently researched in the department, to health issues.