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1. Tom Turmezei

UFOs by  Tom Turmezei

Turmezei entry 2013 600

This is a colourised confocal microscopy image of neuroblastoma cell labelled with a fluorescent dye called DiD. The dye molecules are taken up  directly and activated by the cell membrane. Balls of fluorescence  beneath the membrane surface may be new endocytic vesicles formed by  live cells within the dye incubation period (20 min). These types of  dye are useful because they avoid the need for bulky fluorescent  antibody labelling and hold promise for imaging the co-localisation of  molecules and membrane structures with super-resolution imaging. This  is particularly relevant to my work on the aggregation and propagation  of tau protein in the brains of dementia sufferers, with passage of  tau into cells via endosomes suspected to be essential to the disease  process. By Dr Tom Turmezei, Wellcome Trust PhD Clinical Fellow, Laser  Analytics Group