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9. Florian Stroehl

9. Fourier spectrum of a two-colour TIRF-SIM super-resolution reconstruction of amyloid fibrils by Florian Stroehl

Amyloid fibrils are associated with Alzheimer's disease but are too small to be imaged clearly in a conventional microscope. A clever way to nevertheless observe them is by using super-resolution imaging like TIRF-SIM. In this technique several images of the fibrils are taken under different illumination patterns, each of which provides additional bits of resolution information. These bits are then combined via a computational reconstruction process that results in the cloverleaf-like spectrum shown . To obtain the final super-resolved image of the fibrils, this spectrum must be Fourier back-transformed.

The raw data for this image was taken on the custom built TIRF-SIM microscope of the Laser Analytics Group.