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Admissions Officer

portrait of Dr Barrie Dr Patrick Barrie has been appointed Admissions Officer for the Department. He is the new contact person for all enquiries relating to undergraduate admissions in chemical engineering.

Dr Barrie has been revising the department's marketing material such as the undergraduate brochure on this web site. He is also responsible for arranging Open Days and visits to the Department, and is assisted in this task by the Teaching Fellow, Mike Goodson. As well as discussing the course with prospective undergraduate students, Dr Barrie is happy to arrange presentations on chemical engineering to school classes of AS-level chemistry pupils even if they are unlikely to apply to Cambridge.

Cambridge chemical engineers spend their first year at University doing a "foundation course" in which they study one of General Engineering, General Sciences or Computer Science. They then spend years 2, 3 and 4 at University studying chemical engineering in the department.

From 2005, the undergraduate chemical engineering course at Cambridge will have new UCAS admissions codes. The new codes will be H810 (Chemical Engineering via Engineering) and H813 (Chemical Engineering via Natural Sciences). Changing to chemical engineering after reading first year Computer Science will continue to be possible.