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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


photo of Jesus College The IChemE Particle Technology Subject Group held a meeting on nano-particle technologies at Jesus College, Cambridge on Tuesday 6th January 2004.

A report on the meeting is available in pdf format.



The timetable for the meeting was:

9:30:00 -13:00

Welcome and Paper Session I - Manufacturing Nano-particles


Paper Session II - Exploiting Nanoparticles


Nanoparticles abstracts

Present and future markets for nanoparticles
Dr. Alan Smith, ACORN Partnership

Transport phenomena in suspensions of nanoparticles (nanofluids)
Dr.Yulong Ding, University of Leeds

Forming nanostructured ceramics: the art of the possible
Prof. Jon Binner, University of Loughborough

Particle adhesion at the nano-scale
Prof. Kevin Kendall, University of Birmingham

Nanostructured surfaces from nanoparticles
Dr. Jon Preece, University of Birmingham

A novel nanomanipulation technique for measuring the mechanical properties of single nanoparticles
Dr. Zhibing Zhang, University of Birmingham

Nanoscale Single Molecules as Catalysts for Growth of Carbon Nanostructure
Dr. Junfeng Geng, University of Cambridge

Manufacturing nano-oxide particles in flames
Prof. Allan Hayhurst, University of Cambridge

Protein nanoparticles and their purification
Dr Sharon Williams, University of Cambridge

Soot modelling - describing the dynamics of organic nanoparticles
Dr. Markus Kraft, University of Cambridge

Modelling the synthesis and growth of inorganic nanoparticles
Neal Morgan, University of Cambridge

Synthesis of carbon nanotubes
Dr. Ian Kinloch, University of Cambridge

Nanotube enhanced materials
Prof. Alan Windle, University of Cambridge


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