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Rheology Congress

The XIVth international Congress on Rheology was held in Seoul, Korea from the 22nd to 27th of August, 2004. This conference is held every four years and gathers the most important rheologists from all around the world. Six members from the Chemical Engineering Department of Cambridge University attended the conference: Prof. Malcolm Mackley, Dr. Tri Tuladhar, Bart Hallmark, Yu Wen Chen and Gabriela Hernandez from The Polymers Fluids Group (PFG) and Dean Barker, from the Powder and Paste Processing Group (P3G). A total of 9 papers and 1 poster were presented by this department, including three papers presented by former members (Dr. Rudy Valette, Dr. Jan Engmann and Dr. Peter Martin).

Prof. Malcolm Mackley also organised and chaired one session of the “Rheometry and Experimental Methods” mini-symposium


The photograph shows, from left to right, Tri Tuladhar, Bart Hallmark and Dean Barker.

The papers presented during the conference were:

T.R. Tuladhar*, M.R. Mackley
The pressure dependant evolution of rheology and microstruccture for pentane loaded molten polystyrene during controlled foaming.

Y.W. Chen*, M.R. Mackley
The rheological behaviour of flexible chocolate during and after extrusion processing.

M. Collis, M.R. Mackley*
Microscale processing of monodisperse polystyrene melts and their blends.

B. Hallmark*, M.R. Mackley
The effect of polymer rheology and processing conditions on the manufacture of novel microcapillary film (MCF) extrusions.

K. Coventry, M.R. Mackley*, R. Valette
The matching of cross-slot time dependent extensional flow experiments with numerical simulation for polydisperse and monodisperse polymer melts.

R. Valette*, G. Hernandez, M.R. Mackley
The effect of compressibility, shear thinning, viscoelasticity and absolute pressure on time dependent pressure driven polymer melt flow.

J. Engmann*, M. Peck, D.I. Wilson
Experimental and theoretical investigation of bread dough sheeting.

P. Martin*, D.I. Wilson
Unusual wall slip capillary flow of concentrated suspensions.

D. A. Barker and D. I. Wilson
Temperature dependent rheology of a highly filled suspension as it is cooled to solidification.


E.C. Barnes, D.A. Barker*, M.L. Johns, D.I. Wilson
In situ imaging of soft solids undergoing ram extrusion: rheo-NMR of capillary rheometry.

* = presenting author

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