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Yearbook 2004

photo of the team
The team who put together the yearbook: (back row) Christopher Handscomb and Jon Griffiths; (middle row) Tina Morrell, Claire MacLeod and Jeanette King; (front row) Richard West and Robert Lambert.
This year's Part IIB class have put together a yearbook. They will soon be graduating and moving on to careers in Chemical Engineering or elsewhere and this is a wonderful way of recording their student days before they are over.

One of the team who edited the yearbook told me, "The year has many common fond memories from our three years in Chemical Engineering, and it was felt that we would like a memento of our time in such a great department".

Previous classes have created yearbooks, but this year they have raised a total sponsorship of £825 to create a professionally printed book. The sponsors are British Sugar (£100), Shell (£100), Unilever (£100), Schlumberger (£100), Royal Bank of Canada (£300), Newton (£50) and the IChemE (£75).

Sampler pages: