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Combustion Institute autumn meeting

logoThe Combustion Institute (British Section) held their autumn meeting in the Department on Monday 18 December, 2006. Over 60 people attended the day-long meeting, which included people from industry and the academic world. Visitors came from Austria, Germany and Spain. The following talks were given:

  • "Experience with the Combustion of Biomass" by Dr Nigel Burdett, Drax Power Station
  • "How do automobiles perform when burning biofuels?" by Professor Nick Collings, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge.
  • "Pathways to clean and green Hydrogen" by Dr Roger Cracknell, Shell Research
  • "Some aspects of removing CO2 when gasifying coal in the ZECA process" by Dr John Dennis, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Cambridge
  • "Chemical looping - theory and practical experience" by Prof Tobias Proell, Vienna University of Technology
  • "Oxyfuels" by Prof. Alan Williams, University of Leeds.
  • "Burning velocities and combustion characteristics of hydrogen-rich syngases" by Professor Barrie Moss, School of Engineering, Cranfield University.
  • "Some laboratory experiments on chemical looping" by Dr Stuart Scott, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge.
  • "The production of hydrogen from coal in the ZECA concept" by Dr Nigel Paterson, Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College.
  • "Some Fundamental Studies on Cofiring Coal and Biomass to Reduce the Emission of Carbon Dioxide " by Professor Alan Williams, Leeds University.

Posters were on display throughout the day and provided an interesting diversion from lunch and the breaks for morning coffee and afternoon tea.

Conference programme