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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


The John Davidson Symposium Poster Session

Department of Chemical Engineering, Pembroke Street, Cambridge CB2 3RA.

1300-1410; 13th July, 2006

Lecture Theatre 2

Demonstration of the Reactor Weblab Anders Selmer

Operate and control a chemical reactor over the web using the industrial SIMATIC PCS7 process control system.

Accompanied by the poster, "SIMATIC PCS7 WebLab" A. Selmer, M. Goodson, M.Kraft, S. Baguley, M. Abbott and C. Callegari

Main Poster Session


R. West, M. Kraft, W.H. Green Jn.

TiCl4 Oxidation Chemistry for Combustion Synthesis of TiO2 Nanoparticles

A. Campbell, S. Cardoso

A scaling analysis of the effects of natural convection on an oscillatory reaction in a batch reactor

S. McHugh, S. Cardoso

Reactive droplet plumes: implications for CO2 sequestration

M. Patel, D.I. Wilson, S. Blackburn, J. Wedderburn

Modelling of paste flows subject to liquid phase maldistribution

A.F. Routh

Research into Polymer Colloids

J. Waldemeyer, M.R. Mackley, J.F. Davidson

Prediction of Droplet Size Distributions Produced by a High-Pressure Homogeniser

Microstructure Engineering

R. Costa, G. Moggridge

Improved solutions for zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) control – a chemical product design approach

X. Dai, M. Eccleston, N.K.H. Slater, C.F. Kaminski


Optical Studies of Biomimetic, "Smart" Polymers

C. Hornung, B. Hallmark, M.R. Mackley

Design, build-up and evaluation of microreactor systems based on microcapillary films (MCFs)

A. Ma

The rheology and microstructure of carbon nanotube suspensions

K. Hollingsworth, J.P. Hindmarsh, M.L. Johns

Emulsion Characterisation using Magnetic Resonance Methods

C.G. Gwie, R.J. Griffiths, M.L. Johns, D.I. Wilson

Spray freezing of food fats and emulsions


R.J. Spurling, J.F. Davidson, D.M. Scott

The Transient response of granular flows in an inclined rotating cylinder

B.O. Ayoola, R. Balachandran, J. Frank, E. Mastorakos, C.F. Kaminski

Heat release rate measurements in turbulent pre-mixed flames

C. Ludlow-Palafox, H.A. Chase

Pyrolysis of plastic wastes using a microwave induced pyrolysis process

M. Eccleston, F. Gilchrist, N.K.H. Slater

Smart responsive polymers for tumour imaging and drug delivery

F. Gilchrist, M. Eccleston, N.K.H. Slater

in-vitro evaluation of near infrared nanoprobes

R. Pacciana

Two clean coal technologies to achieve zero emissions of CO2

Measurement Techniques

K. Yunus, S. Matthews, R. le Roux, A. Fisher

Microfluidic Voltammetry

I.S. Burns, J. Hult, C.F. Kaminski

Two-line Atomic Fluorescence Temperature Measurements using Blue Diode Lasers

G. Hartung, I.S. Burns, J. Hult, C.F. Kaminski

Comparison of laser based thermometry techniques

C. Dunckley

Chemical Mapping of Trickle-Bed Reactors Using MRI

N. Nowjee, M.R. Mackley

Melt processing, foaming and rheological characterisation of potato starch using a Multi-Pass Rheometer

L.D. Anadon

MRI Studies of the Trickle-to-Pulse Transition in Fixed-Bed Reactors

D.J. Holland , J.F. Davidson, J.S. Dennis, P.S. Fennell, L.F. Gladden , A. Hawkins, A.N. Hayhurst, M.D. Mantle, C.R. Müller, A.J. Sederman

Application of Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Fluidised Beds


Additionally a number of other posters are displayed on boards in the main staircase of the department. These are:

M. Balthasar, M. Kraft, M. Frenklach

Monte Carlo Simulations of Soot Particle Formation Including Aggregate-Aggregate Collisions

S.-Y. Lim, J.F. Davidson, D.M. Scott

Avalanching of granular material in a horizontal slowly rotating cylinder

M. Hutchinson, H.A. Chase

Integrated generic processes for the recovery of active enzymes from E. coli. inclusion bodies

J.F. Davidson, J.S. Dennis, P.S. Fennell, L.F. Gladden, A.G. Hawkins, A.N. Hayhurst, M.D. Mantle, C.R. Müller, A.C. Rees, A.J. Sederman

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Fludised Beds

J.Y.M. Chew, W.R. Paterson, D.I. Wilson

Fluid Dynamic Gauging of Cleaning of Polymer Films

D. Hassell, K. Coventry, M.R. Mackley

Branching effects on extenional flow of metallocene catalysed PE through a Cross-Slot

A.D. Elder, K.Yunus, A.C. Fisher, C.F. Kaminski

Frequency Domain Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging in Microchannels

J. McGregor, L.F. Gladden

Tapered element oscillating microbalance studies of adsorption and hydrogenation of C5 hydrocarbons on heterogeneous catalysts

Latest news

A new world (dis)order for efficient semiconductors

11 November 2019

Scientists from our Optoelectronic Materials and Device Spectroscopy group investigating perovskite materials for next generation solar cells and flexible LEDs have discovered that they can be more efficient when their chemical compositions are less ordered, vastly simplifying production processes and lowering cost.

The topology of disordered 3D graphenes: Rosalind Franklin’s pre-DNA problem untangled

8 November 2019

Researchers from our Computational Modelling group have published a possible solution to why disordered carbon structures are reluctant to turn into graphite, a puzzle that perplexed Rosalind Franklin before her discovery of the structure of DNA.

September paper of the month: flexible production of micro and nanofluidic devices

22 October 2019

Researchers from our Laser Analytics group have developed a laser-based manufacturing process that can produce combined nanofluidic and microfluidic devices in a fast and scalable manner.