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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Patrick Davies has won a Royal Academy of Engineering Engineering Leadership Award (ELA). He is an undergraduate here in the Chemical Engineering Department at Cambridge University and he has used the funding to travel to the Arctic!

He says, "At the start of the last academic year, an email was sent around by the chemical engineering department advertising the Royal Academy of Engineering's Engineering Leadership Award (ELA). I applied for the ELA, did a psychometric test and attended a selection weekend. I was delighted to be named one of the 20 awardees."

arctic view
arctic view

The award involves funding for engineering related travel and training of £4500 in total over three years. In addition to this, there is a compulsory three day long networking and skills/training conference held in Churchill College in September, which he has recently attended.

Patrick continues, "This year I used the funding allocation to travel to the Arctic on a six week long research expedition studying the ice sheets. We took measurements on the remote glaciers there and were able to climb a number of un-named ice-covered peaks. I'm in all these photos in the blue jacket!"

More information:

arctic view

arctic view

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