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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


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Each year, scholars from all over the world come to the Department of Chemical Engineering to spend short periods working in Cambridge on topics related to the research interests of members of staff here. Some people may wish to come to Cambridge for part or the whole of a sabbatical leave, others may be students of other institutions who come to Cambridge to enrich their studies.

Dr Ken Morison of the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, is currently visiting to work with the research group of Dr Bill Paterson and Dr Ian Wilson. Their related interests are in dairy processing, diffusion and swelling effects in gels and they are modelling the transport of ions within biogels.
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Mónica Berrios Caballero, from the Dept. Química Inorgánica e Ingeniería Química, Universidad de Córdoba, Spain, is visiting the Polymer Fluids Group. She is a PhD student who is coming here to work with Prof Malcolm Mackley and Bob Skelton on bio-diesel for three months.

Sunny Yin from the University of Adelaide is working with Axel Zeitler for 3-6 months on THz at the Magnetic Resonance Research Centre.

Dr Xuegui Qi from the East China University of Science and Technology is working with Drs Wilson, Paterson, Scott and Chew for 12 months on modelling heat transfer, fluid flow and fouling layer behaviour.

Dr. Hongzhi Zhang holds three degrees in mathematics, chemistry, and chemical engineering, and has been working on US defense-lab funded projects since 1998. He is the developer of the Utah Surrogate Mechanisms, which was selected by the US air force recently for the air-breathing, liquid-fueled Scramjet project (up to 15 mach). Most his work cuts across the traditional fields of chemical engineering, chemistry, mathematics, computer science and mechanical engineering. He is funded by the Royal Society for North American visiting scientists for next 8 weeks to further develop existing collaborative efforts with Dr. Kraft on soot formation and fuel chemistry.

Prof Bruce Balcom holds the Canada Research Chair in Materials Science MRI and is the director of the MRI Research Centre, Departments of Chemistry and Physics, University of New Brunswick. He has been at the forefront in inventing and developing a family of new MRI methods which permit the ready visualization of mobile and immobile 1H containing structures in a large range of materials including concrete, polymers, composites, food materials and microporous solids. The successful application of these new MRI techniques, with allied hardware and software innovations, has opened entirely new vistas in material science research. The UNB MRI Centre, which he directs, is the only material science MRI laboratory in Canada and the only university based laboratory of its type in North America. Professor Balcom is currently on sabbatical in Cambridge and is working in collaboration with Prof Gladden and Dr Johns at the MRRC.

We also have two Nuffield students with us this year. The Nuffield Science Bursary Scheme helps science students (16 years old or more) to take part in science-based projects in universities, industry, or research institutions during the summer holidays, usually for four or five weeks. Our two students will be working with the Polymer Fluids Group.

Latest news

Novel analysis illuminates crucial role of ‘recycled’ light in solar panels and LEDs

5 August 2020

The research by scientists in our optoelectronic materials group exposes a link between the so-called ‘photon recycling’ process, and the energy efficiency of LEDs and solar cells.

OccuCamb: helping the department return to the workplace during Covid-19

3 August 2020

Students from our EPSRC CDT in Sensor Technologies for a Healthy and Sustainable Future are developing open sensor technologies to help our staff and students return to working in the department safely.

Academic promotions for Róisín Owens, Gabi Kaminski-Schierle and Graham Christie

16 July 2020

Congratulations to Róisín Owens, promoted to Professor of Bioelectronics, Gabi Kaminski-Schierle, promoted to Reader, and Graham Christie, promoted to University Senior Lecturer